SUNVERS - Energie von der Sonne
SUNVERS - generate electricity in a smart way

Wind power - easy and quick


Energy by vertical wind power

The vertical small wind turbines can develop their full power even at low wind speeds (from 2.5 m/s). They offer advantages over horizontal wind generators of being able to use the wind from any wind direction, without additional tracking of the rotors.

By not using an additional gear is a very low starting resistance is ensured.




wind direction independent system
low height
• especially aerodynamically shaped and patented rotor blades
• Start-up and use, even at low wind speed (from 2.5 m/s)
• Installation in the vicinity of residential buildings possible, as little noise is generated
special "lotus effect" prevents water accumulation (with no icing hazard)

Variable heights for various locations. Rooftops, terraces, hall roofs, but also silos are suitable for vertical rotors.

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