SUNVERS - Energie von der Sonne
SUNVERS - Energy at a hight level

Swimming pools

Many people object to a strange taste and smell of swimming pool water that has been chemically treated.
Like it is the case whenever disinfection products such as chloramine (bound chlorine) and trihalogen methane are being used, and whose cancer-causing effects have already been demonstrated.

Chloramine will also speed up the aging process of materials being used inside and around the swimming pool. Under favorable conditions and in privately-owned bathing facilitoes or monolythic swimming pools, water treatment performed with UV disinfection acts almost without adding any chemicals (about 15% of former consumption). Those "red eyes" and that typical smell from swimming pools as caused by chloramine are being efficiently reduced.

This physical procedure inactivates microorganisms existing in the water without chemicals, not altering water characteristics. There is no chance for the arising of any reaction products being detrimental to health.

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