SUNVERS - Energie von der Sonne
SUNVERS - Solar energy around the clock

Solar power even when there is no sun...

Solar storage for an independent energy future

Undoubtedly, the biggest challenge in the production of solar energy is to provide electricity around the clock - even at night when there is no sun.

With our intelligent storage solutions, the excess solar energy is stored during the day, and it is made available again at night or during a period of increased consumption. The own requirements use can reach 70 to 80%, in bright, sunny summer months, even 100%, with the help of a storage. If, with a charged storage, the photovoltaic system produces more electricity than is required at present, it is fed into the public network at the conditions prevailing.

This means: not the energy from one's own photovoltaic system supplements the delivery of the electricity supplier, but the electricity supplier supplements one's own electricity production. In the event of a power failure, the system operates autonomously.


The storage of solar energy gives operators of photovoltaic systems the opportunity to cover their own needs even during low-light periods. The system provides the available energy directly from the photovoltaic system or it draws additional power from the storage solution. Only when sufficient power is no longer available from either source, it will resort to the public power grid.

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