SUNVERS - Energie von der Sonne
SUNVERS - with us you are on the sunny side

Solar Cooker - Cooking with the Sun

A solar cooker - is fun, protects the environment and saves money.

Cooking with solar power is fascinating: inexhaustible, clean and free energy.

A solar cooker is similar to a magnifying glass. It reflects the sun's rays onto a focal point. High temperatures are the result of concentrated solar radiation in the focal point. When a pot or pan is placed in this focus, you can use it for boiling and frying.

The solar cooker can be used all year round and regardless of the outside temperature in all latitudes.



Independence and financial savings.

Independent from traditional fuels, such as: gas, kerosene and firewood. In some countries, the cost of fuel is more than a third of a monthly income. The fuels are often more expensive than the food itself.

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