SUNVERS - Energie von der Sonne
SUNVERS - with us you are on the sunny side


In the field of photovoltaics, we offer you diverse solutions.

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SMA YouTube-Video: "Photovoltaics in 60 seconds - What does Self-Consumption of Solar Power Mean" SMA Solar Technology AG)



SMA YouTube-Video: "Photovoltaics in 60 seconds - How Solar Power Works"  SMA Solar Technology AG)




SMA YouTube-Video: "Why Photovoltaics in 3 1/2 Minutes"  SMA Solar Technology AG)



YouTube-Video: "Night flight over the earth" - the planet where we live...

Inspired by the movie "What does it feel like to fly over planet Earth?" David Peterson published on November 06, 2011 a movie montage of images from the International Space Station (ISS) via NASA with more spectacular images. The globe at night is an impressive and unique experience.

(Data for Night flight over the earth: Film: All Alone in the Night; Images:; Music: ‘Freedom Fighters’ by Two Steps from Hell; Inspiration:; Editor: David Peterson; Copyright: AGITANO 2014)



YouTube-Video: "Save the arctic" - a video of Greenpeace...



Youtube-Video: "Earth Overshoot Day (01.08.2018)" - a video of WWF CEE (Quelle: Youtube)

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