SUNVERS - Energie von der Sonne
SUNVERS - applying the sun’s principle in heating

Heating elements made of fine marble and granite

Healthy radiant heat - perfect for allergy sufferers!

HOW IT WORKS: Conventional heating systems heat the air in front of the radiator which then circulates in the room (convection). However, air is a poor heat conductor and a bad heat memory. The temperature difference between floor and ceiling can be 6° to 9° C. The consequences: warm head and cold feet, a stressful indoor climate with dry air and dust swirls.

In case of the natural stone-heating, sunlight is immediately put into heat waves. The surface temperature of the floor, walls, ceilings and objects increases evenly and releases the stored heat back into the room.

Advantages compared to other types of heating systems:

  • no heating- and tank space needed
  • no permanent costs such as maintenance, customer service, chimney sweepers, etc.

In combination with a solar system, you can reduce your energy costs to zero!

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