SUNVERS - Energie von der Sonne
SUNVERS | Energy from the sun

About us

Energy from the sun - silent, free of pollutants, inexhaustible and free of charge

Together with its partners, SUNVERS®  operates worldwide and has set itself the task to utilize this energy and convert it into electricity and heat. Our staff and partners offer you the highest quality, most innovative products and solutions, currently available on the market, and this you can rely on.

Years ago, sustainable energies were a dream of a few. Today they are hope for many. And in the future they will be a necessity for all.

SUNVERS®: Your partner, who advises you individually and optimally. Together we develop intelligent solutions for people and the environment that are tailored exactly to your wishes and needs.


The changing requirements of our customers and new market potentials lead to a continuously evolving company. By cooperating with SUNVERS® you will enjoy newest services, technologies and developments, to secure a long term sustainable, environmentally friendly and conflict-free energy supply.




Ethics / morality: Respect for people, the environment and nature - without exception.

Honesty: Honest and ethical conduct toward everyone.

Quality and Safety: Human being and environment, product and benefit - work together to achieve the optimum.

Responsibility: Responsibility for the environment, employees and customers.

Humanity: Social and community commitment.

Excellence: To become an awarded company by means of extraordinary efforts.

At SUNVERS® the customer always comes first.

SUNVERS® - Welcome to the future!


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